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There is a manual patch available from: http://download2.ts2009.com/57720_to_58414.exe (34,853KB)

There is a manual patch available from: http://download2.ts2009.com/57898_to_58414.exe (33,475KB)

New Features

  • In-game Downloadable Content (Payware and Freeware).
  • Improved multi-player support.
  • Updated support for tunnels, bridges, power lines etc (splines).
  • Improved session workflow (rules, nesting, copying etc).
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for routes and sessions.
  • Rewritten train coupling physics.
  • Improved CMP error detection and validation.

Note: To take advantage of our new DLC system, this latest patch will need to be installed.

Previously purchased DLC will now automatically attempt to download and install. If you wish to disable this feature you may do so via the in-game options menu (http://tinypic.com/r/ivkg80/6)


  • Fixed multiplayer clients experiencing frequent disconnects.
  • Fixed multiplayer decoupling not being performed correctly.
  • Fixed weird partial disconnect state achieved after <10 minutes of play.
  • Fixed driver commands disappearing.
  • Corrected smoke emmisions from steam locos.
  • Fixed issues with sessions having random red signals occuring.
  • Fixed several "Derail on beginning of session" bugs.
  • Fixed several "Script/thread error on beginning of session" bugs.
  • Fixed HTML messages not showing appropriately in sessions.
  • Reworded several session instructions to improve player experience.
  • Patch installer progress bar issues fixed.
  • Solved "multiple new industry" asset problems.
  • Fixed several spelling mistakes.
  • Sessions missing passenger cars have been fixed.
  • Acheivements now correctly register and accumulate properly.
  • Various fixes within Content Manager to improve search, downloading and performance functions.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't switch drivers.
  • Autogenerated thumbnails are now created at the correct size.
  • In-Game browser correctly resizes.
  • In-Game browser drop-down menus reconfigured to work.
  • Payware DLS system intergrated, products, thumbnails, and prices added.
  • Issue fixed with NVTT where thread-safety locks were added around the NVTT texture compressor.
  • Fixed issue with game stopping rendering on exit of session.
  • Resolved issue with loading saved sessions when at locked junctions magically removes the locked state.
  • Fixed issue with database repair silently fails on Windows 8.
  • DLC content redownloads/installs each time the player disconnects and reconnects to Planet Auran.
  • Resolved issue where players were unable to Connect to iTrainz Server.
  • Camera shake effect happening in CAB view when driving has been fixed.
  • Official Trainz DLC Content not automatically being favourited is resolved.
  • Fixed cab controls not moving properly when moused.
  • OpenGL UI disappearance and texture disruption when using certain assets.
  • Fixed thread crash when moving around in large routes.
  • Overwriting route via [Save] -> [Save new route and session] causes the route thumbnail to disappear has been solved.
  • Fixed bug where changing a driver removed all driver orders from a driver's schedule.
  • Improved updates to the DLS faulty asset list.
  • Crash to desktop when merging routes is fixed.
  • Fixed many session completion issues across all builtin sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where sessions would remove driver schedules when changing driver details.
  • Fixed misinformation in the tutorials.
  • Fixed an issue where "Edit Route" wouldn't work when run first thing from launch.
  • Fixed issues where PA login was incorrectly being marked as not set.
  • Fixed multiple script exception bugs.
  • Non-derailed sections of consist are no longer automatically cleaned up.
  • Timeout message now shows when a host unexpectedly disconnects in multiplayer.
  • Fixed various bits of odd behaviour when using the chatbox in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a possible crash when TADDaemon shuts down.
  • Fixed a possible freeze in TrainzUtil when updating/installing bulk assets.
  • Attached track now visible in driver mode for some effected assets.
  • Cinematic Camera rule no longer pauses oddly.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading sessions would not download their dependencies as well.
  • Occasional crash when transitioning to map view has been fixed.
  • Added ability to lock entire session in Surveyor.
  • Various performance improvements for asset related issues.
  • Fixed side by side errors on Win8 machine.
  • Fixed issue where TADDaemon stops working on Win8 Pro.
  • Various improvements to text input in various areas around the game.
  • Fixed issues with vehicle displacement/derailment in relation to new coupling system.
  • Dropped support for "old style" DLC content.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing properties of "TZL MultimeshBlend" asset.

Hotfix 1:

  • Locos/Rolling Stock with the tag "max-coupler-gap 0" no longer derail when coupling.
  • Built in assets are now able to be reverted.
  • Issues with patcher rollback fixed to prevent corrupting installs.

Hotfix 2:

  • Speedtrees no longer disappear/corrupt when alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode.
  • Added option to turn off menu sounds.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur during copy/paste in Surveyor.
  • Fixed a possible long stall when creating a new route in Surveyor.
  • Improved texture replacement to prevent black smudges/sink holes.
  • Fixed a hang when editing a specific map.
  • Cylinder Drain effects should work again.
  • Keyboard controls for texture radius work again.
  • Horn sound fixed in Railyard.
  • Surveyorlist now stores saved consists for use via Quickdrive.
  • Fixed CPP mesh preview window.
  • Fixed some issues when attempting to connect a spline in an invalid location.
  • Improved Trainz Patcher progress bar.
  • Assorted sound fixes.

Hotfix 3:

  • Added the ability for the "World.PlaySound()" script function to target any MeshObject.
  • Fixed a rare crash which would occur when an asset used attached junction mutexes.
  • Fixed a crash which would occur when the "Cabin.GetControls()" script function was used on an Interior asset where some meshes were not valid controls.
  • Small improvements were made to Content Manager's Download Helper panel.
  • Fixed some occasional usability issues with Content Manager's log panel.
  • Improved multi-threaded rendering support.
  • Improved the stability of the patch installer.
  • Improved the performance of asset dependency calculation.
  • Fixed an occasional crash which could result from having too many routes installed.
  • The in-game DLC download interface will now prompt before cancelling downloads.
  • Fixed an issue where Content Manager's "disconnected" banner would fail to respond to user input.
  • Fixed a case where a script-generated "Driver Order Bar" would not respond to user input if it had no Driver assigned.
  • Added support for resuming in-game DLC downloads.
  • Fixed various edge-cases that could cause problems with in-game downloads.
  • Fixed a case where signals could incorrectly report "The signal ahead is in an unknown state."
  • Fixed a case where alt-tab in DirectX mode could change the system's FPU state flags and cause assorted problems.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when certain Surveyor tools were used on scenery with attached track.
  • Fixed a potential crash when rotating a newly-decoupled consist in Surveyor.
  • Fixed a problem where older-version splines would flip directions when another spline was attached in Surveyor.
  • Assorted performance and stability improvements were made to the TADDaemon shutdown process.
  • Content Manager no longer stops responding when asked to exit while a lengthy operation is in progress.
  • Resolved a case where simultaneous DLC installs could result in out-of-memory failures.
  • Fixed a usability bug with the Content Manager contextual menus in non-English languages.
  • Reduced excessive logging generated by some classes of script compile error, improving validation performance.
  • Fixed a crash which would occur if the "JunctionBase.BeginTrackSearch()" script function was used.
  • AI trains should no longer become limited to 8km/h after loading at an Industry.
  • Locomotives should no longer derail while driving on or off certain turntables.
  • Fixed a case where certain AMD graphics drivers failed to enable Anti-Aliasing and Alpha-to-Coverage modes, resulting in incorrect visuals.
  • Fixed a crash (typically noticed while exiting Driver) which resulted from playing certain sound files.
  • Fixed a script exception from the QuickDrive rule which occurred when a Surveyor Saved Consist contained missing or faulty assets.
  • Certain classes of script functions which query asset lists now silently ignore missing or faulty assets.
  • Backdrop assets now render correctly.
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