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VE179: The kuid 'KUID' specified in 'tag-name' is not of the correct type.

For example:

- VE179: The kuid '<kuid2:123:456:7>' specified in 'default-mesh' is not of the correct type.

Specifies that the asset referenced by the listed tag is not the correct asset type for that tag. This validation is based on both the asset 'kind' and the category information (e.g. the 'category-class' tag, the obsolete 'type' tag, and other asset metadata).

The error will usually need to be corrected by using a different asset. The exact type of asset(s) supported will vary based on the specific tag being used, so check the documentation for the tag. If you are creating both assets you may instead be able to change/add category information to the dependency, so that the game "realises" it's an appropriate asset. Take caution when modifying category data on any asset though, as you may break other assets that reference it.

Note: This validation exists as a warning for content less than or equal to trainz-build 4.6, but is an error at 4.7 and above. It is recommended that you address this issue on any new content to ensure it remains compatible with all future versions of trainz, but fixing it in legacy content is only recommended if the asset also has broken functionality.

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