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Using Wiki-markup —How-to-edit on this wiki
The wiki-how-to edit text and information originates in Wikimedia Foundation source pages on the sites: MediaWiki, Meta-Wiki, Wikimedia Commonsi, Wikibooks, or Wikipedia and is gratefully used verbatim, customized and/or adapted under one or more of the following licences:
CC-SA-2.5, GFPL, GFDL licensing or pages in the Public Domain.

  • This template presents the message shown above, but does not automatically insert {{TOCright}} before any text on the page unlike other TrainzOnline header templates.
It is written to take a alternative title as parameter {{{1}}} .


This template is used to set off N3V TrainzOnline Wiki Editing and Wiki-markup language pages —all user maintained pages on the N3V TrainzOnline Wiki.
The TrainzOnline namespace also holds wiki management and wiki-project co-ordination pages as well, which use a different header template.

Template action
  • It does the above by initiating a <div style=" ..."> HTML block.

Usage notes:

  1. It's complimentary template {{tl|TOL-refpg-end} should be used to close the HTML format block and thus cause the page to form properly. This has a different auto-categorization feature than other similar TrainzOnline footer templates.
    1. {{TOL-refpg-end}} — auto-categorizes a page to Category:TrainzOnline editing-help pages, under the parent category category:TrainzOnline Wiki's reference pages.
    2. {{TOL-end}} — asserts no auto-category, but will take the '|cat=Category-declaration in the short form lacking the brackets and 'category:' namespace prefix. (i.e. give just pass it a category name, and it will handle pipetricking and link formation)
  2. Related: How-to-use TrainzOnline Wiki Pages which do not originate in a Wikimedia Foundation project wiki are headed by {{TOL-top}} and ended with {{TOL-bot}} which auto-categorizes to TrainzOnline usage Pages, a sister-level category.


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