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          <rev user="Tonyhilliam" timestamp="2023-04-26T06:09:44Z" comment="" xml:space="preserve">Welcome to the Trainz Wiki Main Page - the online home for detailed information about the Trainz Simulator product range!

= Latest News = 
== '''[[Trainz_Plus | Trainz Plus]]'''== 
[[Trainz_Plus | Trainz Plus]] is the latest version of Trainz that gets regular feature and content updates. 

You can see the list of past [[Trainz_Plus | Trainz Plus updates here.]]


To ensure you always have the latest version of Trainz investigate our membership options at [[ the Trainz Plus Landing Page]] or simply log in to MyTrainz to join.

==Other useful links:==
*  [  Trainz Plus Online Documentation]&lt;br&gt;
* [ S20 Overview]&lt;br&gt;
* [[How_to_Use_S20_Tools | S20 Tools ]]&lt;br&gt;
* [[How_to_Use_S20_Palettes |S20 Palettes ]]&lt;br&gt;

== '''[[TRS22 | Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022]]'''==  

Pre-orders / Early Access: Dec 1, 2021&lt;br&gt;
Official Release Date: May 31, 2022. &lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;
* To find out more about the product, visit [[ the Trainz Store]].
[[File:2022-07-12 114855.png|500px|link=]]


== '''[[TRS19 | Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019]]'''==  

Official Release Date: December 21, 2018. &lt;br&gt;
* To find out more about the product, visit [[TRS19]] or [[ the TRS19 Landing Page]].
* To purchase the product, visit [[ the Trainz Store]].


=='''[ Trainz: A New Era]'''==
Released May 15, 2015. Promoted through Kickstarter in late 2013 and then through [[ TrainzPortal]], the development of [[Trainz_A_New_Era|Trainz: A New Era (TANE)]] was originally supported by 1792 &quot;supporters&quot;, then by signing up with Koch Media/Deep Silver to help us complete development. With a brand new game engine and a range of new features, TANE set a new benchmark for train simulators around the world.

[[File:tane_support_btn.png |link=]]

=='''[ Trainz Model Railroad 2017]'''==
To celebrate 15 years of Trainz, N3V Games unveiled &quot;Trainz Model Railroad 2017&quot; (TMR17). Released December 2016, this edition focuses attention on a range of smaller &quot;model&quot; layouts, complete with walls, floorboards, fascia curtains and that real model layout feeling.&lt;br&gt;

= Trainz Versions = 
Trainz now operates on PC, Mac, iOS and Android systems. New sections of this wiki are being added continually to update the different versions for different systems. More information on the history of Trainz versions can be found at

For information on Trainz on Mobile go to: [[Platform-mobile|Platform-Mobile]]

= Help Pages =

With the release of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (and TANE SP3), we've introduced [[File:2018-10-11 151542.png|link=Help:Getting Started|480x300px|frame|left| a new in-game Help Page]]. &lt;br&gt;
This provides several new ways to find out answers to all your Trainz questions. Choose from four help options from the in-game Help Home Page:  
* Ask A Question gives you access to the enormous (and helpful) Trainz Community.
* Use the in-game ? to click on active links which take you directly to the appropriate Trainz Wiki webpage
* Search the Wiki brings you back to this page where you can access other Wiki links such as the Search option, Hot To pages etc.
* For specific help with orders, game access, DLC etc, please use the Support link. Please note that support does not answer &quot;how to&quot; type game questions.
&lt;br clear=all&gt;
[[File:2018-10-11 144838.png|link=|480x300px|frame|left|In-game Questions and Answers]]You don't even have to leave the game to get answers to your questions. 
* Ask For Help - Simply ask a question and it will be posted to the special Trainz Help Forum. Other Trainz Community Members can then assist you by answering those questions.
* My Questions - Review the questions you have asked, check the answers you have received, and close any answered questions.
* For specific help with orders, game access, DLC etc, please use the Support link. Please note that support does not answer &quot;how to&quot; type game questions.
* The In-game Help Home Page also provide links to a range of Wiki Pages.

Please click on the image to view the Help Forum, or click on this link for the [[Help:TRS19|TRS19 Help Page]].
&lt;br clear=all&gt;
[[Image:Helpmode1.jpg||link=Help:Getting Started|480x240px|frame|left|The context sensitive (?) button is shown top right]]The [[Help:Main Page|Help Pages for game functionality]] are accessible from clicking on the &quot;Game Help Main Page&quot; link in the left hand column or by using the [[Help:Help_Mode|(?) button]] from the game's menu bar. &lt;br&gt;
*These &quot;Game Help&quot; pages explain the function of each of the user interface components, such as what happens when you click on a particular button in-game, or how to use a particular function.

*You can also type your search query in the left hand margin Search box, or in the in-game Search box that opens when you click on the (?) icon.

*While functionality may differ in some versions of the game, the concepts are generally similar between versions. 

*For more general information about how to complete a certain goal, such as How to Create a Session, check out the [[HowToGuides|&quot;How-To Guides&quot;]] (also accessible from the link in the left hand column).
&lt;br clear=all&gt;
Please be aware that the wiki is a source of information, similar to a book. It is not intended as an interactive chat or helpdesk. If you can't find what you are looking for here, general questions should be asked via the [ Trainz Forums].

=Trainz Online Documentation=
With the introduction of TRS22 and Trainz Plus, we now have an [ online documentation website] that provides searchable Knowledge Base articles and online guides. 

Some users may find this alternative better than the user-updated Trainz wiki.

= How-To Guides =
The [[HowTo]] guides are a series of documents describing how to achieve various tasks within the Trainz environment. It covers a broad range of topics suitable for beginners using Trainz for the first time through to experienced content creators. Each guide covers a specific topic in detail and explains all the steps required to achieve a task, such as [[HowTo/Create a session]].

= Community =
Visit the [ Trainz Forums] for advice and friendly banter and meet thousands of other like-minded train fans from around the world.

= Content Creation =
Dedicated content creation information may be found at the [[Content Creation]] pages. These pages are targeted for intermediate-to-advanced users, and explain the theory behind the formation of various types of content. These pages are a valuable resource to stay on top of the evolving content creation requirements as we take Trainz into the next generation of high resolution, high quality content.

== Content Creation Tutorial Website ==
A new resource has been created providing a wide range of Content Creation Tutorials at [ this page].

= Updating the Trainz Wiki = 
This wiki is created by both N3VGames (the developers behind Trainz) and by the Trainz Community (requires a Planet Auran login and registered Trainz product to gain edit rights). 

It is a continually evolving repository of information. Trainz Content Creators and fans should feel free to add their own pages to this site, however please be sure to keep page names distinct and meaningful. Pages with ambiguous names that are likely to conflict with other uses will be renamed or removed.

=See Also=
*[[Content Creation]]</rev>