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Note: This page describes obsolete asset formats (trainz-build prior to 2.9) and should be removed. The current equivalent of this format is KIND Groundtexture.



These are the text.

Config.txt :

kuid                 <KUID2:###:#####:1>
kind                 "groundtexture"
clutter-mesh         <KUID2:###:#####:1>
username             "Green Meadow"
description          "blah blah"
trainz-build         2.7
category-class       "GL"
category-region      "UK"
category-era         "1980s"

Breakdown of Groundtexture Config.txt:

clutter-mesh Not a requirement. Optional only. See below.

GroundTexture Clutter Mesh

Ground textures can now reference a mesh and insert the mesh automatically as the ground is painted. Painting over a clutter-mesh ground texture effectively deletes the clutter meshes and texture. The mesh it refers to is can be standard scenery object or kind mesh.

Clutter-meshes must have only one 3dsmax material assigned to it only. Polycounts must be very low.

Note: The draw distance is very short for clutter-mesh assets. We suggest only scrubs or grasses be used like the example below.

GroundClutter Mesh

CCG groundclutter mesh.jpg

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